mineral processing equipment

mineral processing equipment

Crushing & Screening

Learning from the international advanced crushing and screening design concept and manufacturing technology and combining with many years of experience in mineral processing projects, Xinhai developed a variety of crusher and vibrating screen models to achieve different levels of coarse, medium and fine crushing & screening effects, which fully met production needs for all kinds of processing capacity and materials.

Grinding & Classifying

Based on the principle of "less grinding, more crushing", Xinhai made a series of further improvement on grinding & classification equipment, which achieved free grinding among 0-2500 meshes, separated the qualified granularity in time, avoided unnecessary grinding and entered to ore dressing work as soon as possible.

Flotation|Gravity Separation|Magnetic Separation|Gold Extraction

As to separation equipment, Xinhai fully considered various factors, such as plant location, location conditions, energy-saving, water-saving, environmental protection, cost. Then, Xinhai customized the most appropriate Xinhai mineral processing equipment for flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation and gold extraction processes, and realized the greatest mine value.

Gravity Separation Gravity Separation

Gravity Separation

Thickening & Dewatering

From concentrate dewatering of non-ferrous metals, non-metallic to tailings dry stacking, Xinhai has successfully developed various types of thickening & dewatering equipment, which can easily achieve settlement among 20-3500 ㎡, then obtain the best solid-liquid separation effect.

Classic Case

Yunnan lead-zinc ore dressing project had obtained great improvement in process index at the early stage. However, with the deepening mine exploration, the ore properties had a great change and caused the sharp decline in lead-zinc concentrate grade. The original floatation equipment cannot meet the production requirements. Therefore, the customer entrusted Xinhai to carry out equipment modification. Through repeated ore dressing experiment, Xinhai finally decided to adopt bulk flotation process, selective copper-lead concentrate, copper-lead concentrate regrinding and refloating, besides, Xinhai adopted SF type, JJF type flotation cell instead of original flotation cell. Finally, the main technical indicators were as follows:

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Process Processing Capacity(t/d) Copper Recovery Rate(%) Lead Concentrate Grade(%) Zinc Concentrate Grade(%) Service Life of Liner(t)
Before Selective Flotation 500 78.53 35.68 83.49 50
After Bulk Flotation 680 83.45 50.13 84.68 90
Before After
Process Selective Flotation Bulk Flotation
Processing Capacity(t/d) 500 600
Copper Recovery Rate(%) 78.53 83.45
Lead Concentrate Grade(%) 35.68 50.13
Zinc Concentrate Grade(%) 83.49 84.68
Service Life of Liner(t) 50 90

Through this upgrading, this output value was increased nearly 30000 Yuan every day, the profit was increased 26000 yuan every day. Suppose the production days are 300 days per year, this project can increase the profit: 26000 yuan * 300 days per year = 7.8 million.

Keep Improving, Pursue Excellence

As the complete mineral processing equipment manufacturers, Xinhai relies on high-quality complete sets of ore processing equipment, strong self-innovation ability and thoughtful customer service, then establishes a good brand image at home and abroad. As the hard core of the mining industry, Xinhai will lead the industry to realize leap-forward development and show the power of "Made in China".

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