• Alloy Slurry Pump

    Alloy Slurry Pump

    【Introduction】: A slurry pump with wear and corrosive resistance.
    【 Capacity 】: Flow≤3798m3/h
    【Improvement】: Slurry pump with resistance to wear rubber, corrosion and impact is made of high hardness alloy cast iron.
  • Mobile Pump Station

    Mobile Pump Station

    【Introduction】: A kind of mobile conveying equipment for fluid substances with high level of modular and automation.
    【 Capacity 】: The flow rate ≤2333 m3/h
    【Improvement】: Xinhai mobile pump station realizes four core functions: automatic drainage, automatic monitoring of equipment operation, automatic control of equipment start and stop, flexible and easy to move.
  • Double Stages Slurry Pump

    Double Stages Slurry Pump

    【Introduction】: A double stages slurry pump with head of 70m
    【 Capacity 】: Flow≤203m3/h
    【Improvement】: Double impellers serial design without increasing the diameter of the impeller makes head up to 70 meters
  • Wear – Resistant Slurry Pump

    Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump

    【Introduction】: A slurry pump for conveying pulp with concentration below 65%.
    【 Capacity 】: Flow≤1500m3/h
    【Improvement】: Slurry pump impeller and the casing are lined with Xinhai high wear-resistant rubber ensuring that the pump body is not subject to wear. In the same project, the service life of Xinhai slurry pump is 2 times longer than other metal pump life reaching the international top quality. The rubber liners wear index has reached 128%.
  • Submerged Slurry Pump

    Submerged Slurry Pump

    【Introduction】: A submerged slurry pump with high wear resistance.
    【 Capacity 】: Flow≤105m3/h
    【Improvement】: Impeller is moulded by wear-resistant rubber developed by Xinhai; wear index reaches 128%.
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