director Wang presided the meeting

Xinhai Mining EPC Held The 2020 Safety Summary Meeting

2021-02-18    Xinhai     Views(3738)

On January 18th, Xinhai Mining EPC organized the 2020 Safety Summary Meeting and 2021 Safety Production Kick-off Meeting. Mr. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai Mining, Mr. Han Qingwang, director of administration and operation, and the heads of various departments of the Production Management Center attended this meeting.

  • 30 2020-12

    Chairman of Xinhai Mining, Mr. Zhang Yunlong was Invited to Participate in The 8th China International Mining Development Summit 2020

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    On December 26th, the 8th China International Mining Development Summit 2020, sponsored by Beijing Sunshine Creative Language Translation Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xinhai Mining EPC (abbreviated as Xinhai Mining), was successfully held in Beijing.

  • 21 2020-12

    Xinhai Mining Took Two Awards in This Skill Competition!

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    Recently, the 2020 Machining Industry Staff Skills Competition was successfully held. The two competitors of Xinhai Mining won a second prize and a fourth prize and were both awarded the “May Day Labor Medal” of Fushan District.

  • 14 2020-12

    Xinhai Mining EPC participated in the Silk Road Mining Forum and Mining Technology Conference

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    As 2020 draws to a close, Xinhai Mining has participated in many mining conferences and its influence has been increasing. This week, Xinhai Mining was invited to participate in the Silk Road Mining Forum and China Mining Science & Technology Conference. In the Xinhai Mining Exhibition Area, Xinhai Mining’s innovative “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)” attracted many participants to come to visit and consult, and the technological VR processing plant experience also received a lot of attention.

  • 27 2020-09

    【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

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    Laos is a country that focuses on agricultural development. The foundations of the industry and service industry are weak. The mineral resource of Laos is abundant and various, such as gold silver, copper, iron, lead-zinc, and so on. The whole mineralization geological condition is good, and the resource has potential. Therefore, Laos is one of the important mining countries. The whole geological exploration degree is low. Mineral development is a lack of investment. The mining and processing technology far form satisfying the development requirement. The management and technical personnel are in shortage. Most mineral resources are in the initial phase. Rich mineral resources are underutilized, which influences the Laos economy development.

  • 21 2020-09

    Xinhai Was Invited To Two Mining Technology Exchange Conference, Constantly Increasing Industry Influence!

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    Recently, Xinhai Mining with mineral processing EPC+M+O service successively appeared the 4th China Copper Industry Science and Technology Development Exchange Conference and China Cyanide Tailing Dealing and Comprehensive Utilization Technology Exchange Conference. Xinhai discussed the technology development result with peers and constantly increasing industry influence.

  • 21 2020-07

    【Xinhai Mine Design Institute】Planning Reasonable Mines, And Focus on the Full Effect

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    Mine construction has the specifics of a complex system, large investment and high risk. The risks are shown not only on the uncertainty of resources, and also on the risks during construction, production and management. To guarantee the successful production and receiving the predicted economic efficiency, the mine design is essential. Mine design serves the whole life of mine projects. The reasonable mine design can effectively reduce the investment, avoid risks and guarantee the project advancement.

  • 18 2020-06

    To Eliminate The Hidden Dangers And Build A Strong Line of Security, Xinhai Mining Is Acting!

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    The June this year is the 19th safety production month in China. The theme of this safety production month is to eliminate the hidden dangers and build a strong line of security. Xinhai Mining carries out activities to promote safety production by the leading of relative government department, and the safety production knowledge training, and organized the safety production knowledge study. The safety production consciousness is rooted in the heart of every employee, improving the safety quality and eliminate the safety accidents.

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