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High Efficiency Agitator Washer

High Efficiency Agitator Washer

A mineral scrubber used for dispersing the mineral mud, removing and washing the impurities on mineral surface.
【 Capacity 】:
The blade, shaft and tank of high-efficiency agitator washer are lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, which is easy to resist the material impact and abrasion, has long service life and low failure rate.


Compact structure and small floor space;

The spindle rotates at high speed, which drives the impeller to scrub the material with a high scrubbing effect;

The blade, shaft and tank are lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.

【Product Structure】

Xinhai high-efficiency agitator washer is mainly composed of motor, reducer, spindle, upper, middle and lower impeller, tank. The motor drives the rubber impeller with a three-layer special design on the main shaft to rotate through the hardened reducer, which can scrub the material forcefully. The tank body is in the shape of six edges and lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.

【Technical Parameters】

Model Effective volume(m3) Shape Impeller Motor Weight(kg)
Diameter(mm) Rotate speed(r/min) Model Power(kW) Rotate speed(r/min)
GJC×1.5 1.5 Six-party body φ750 197 Y200L-4 30 1480 1469
GJC×2.8 2.8 φ1000 148 Y250M-4 55 4030
GJC×4.4 4.4 φ1000 Y280S-4 75 6200

【Successful case】

High Efficiency Agitator Washer-case

A quartz sand mineral processing projects in Shanxi, Xinhai adopted the high-efficiency agitator washer to remove the thin film iron, bonding and clay minerals on the surface of the quartz sand, and further grate the non-monolithic mineral aggregate, then the material was send to the classifying operation to further improving the quartz beneficiation effect with high washing effect and long service life of equipment. The customers were very satisfied with the result.

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