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How to choose the best equipment for gravity separation process

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Mining ore grade is low, and needs some process to enrich the useful mineral. There are common methods to process ore: gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, chemical processing. Gravity separation realizes mineral beneficiation by means of mineral material density difference without adding any chemicals, and it also can process refractory gold ore. Gravity separation is one of the most common mineral processing technologies.

In gravity separation process, the realization of mineral separation basing on that different resistance force in the medium, the velocity, acceleration and tracks are different. According to different media movement, gravity separation can be divided into process as follows: classification, jigging, tabling, chuting, washing and heavy media separation. The main equipment applied in this process is jig, concentrating table, chute tank, cyclone, etc.

Xinhai experts mainly introduce jig and concentrating table:

Jigging process: the movement speed of heavy minerals in the medium flow is greater than the light minerals, so the heavy minerals tend to the bottom. Finally the mineral particles with large density center on the bottom layer, and small density centers on the upper layer. Jig is generally used for processing of course, medium grained ores, and the feeding size limit is up to 30-50mm.

Concentrating Table is a kind of mineral processing equipment with repeated movement driven by motor. Movement direction is different because of different densities of mineral particles. After the bed surface repeated movement, mineral particle group was stratified by sector distribution. The concentrate ore has high grade after concentrating table process, because the bed surface area is large, and the movement of particles lasts a long period of time. But concentrating table also has some disadvantages, such as large occupation area, low processing ability.

Xinhai gravity separation equipment with the best service will bring you high benefit. The experts also provide the most suitable equipment selection for customers.

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