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Mobile Pump Station

Mobile Pump Station

A kind of mobile conveying equipment for fluid substances with high level of modular and automation.
【 Capacity 】:
The flow rate ≤2333 m3/h
Xinhai mobile pump station realizes four core functions: automatic drainage, automatic monitoring of equipment operation, automatic control of equipment start and stop, flexible and easy to move.


Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, small floor space and flexible movement.

The slurry pump (water pump) used in the mobile pump station is reliable and durable, which is suitable for pumping the slurry composed of a variety of different particle sizes;

The motor used in the mobile pump station can realize the frequency control, which ensures that the pump keeps work at the optimal operating point.

The water ring vacuum pump unit of the mobile pump station can automatically control the start and stop according to the signal of the level gauge, ensuring that there is no air in the inlet pipeline and the pump chamber before pumping, avoiding the cavitation phenomenon;

Pump inlet and outlet are equipped with pressure sensors, which can detect the pressure changes in real time.

The inlet pipe adopts electric rapid lifting or downshifting, no additional lifting equipment is needed, so the operation is more convenient;

The water ring vacuum pump can recycle the working fluid, greatly reducing the demand of working fluid, and convenient for outdoor mobile operation;

The water ring vacuum pump adopts a mechanical seal with reliable structure, less leakage, less friction power loss, long life and maintenance-free bearing maintenance-free. Besides, there is no need to add lubricating oil;

The three-way, outlet transit joint and outlet reducer union is lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, which greatly increases the service life of pipeline;

The pump seal adopts the combination sealing of sub-impeller and packing seal to ensure that the packing seal does not need the additional clean water, which greatly decreases the amount of clean water and reduces the burden on customers;

Xinhai can provide the customers with a complete set of pump station solutions, and high-quality technical support.

【Product Structure】

The vacuum drainage system is a drainage system assisted by a vacuum pump. The vacuum drainage system is divided into two parts: one is the water supply pump and pipeline; Another part is the vacuum pump, air-water separator and auxiliary pipeline. The vacuum system can realize the functions of vacuum pumping and vacuum holding, solve the exhaust and drainage procedure before the pump starts, and realize the starting of the water supply pump conveniently, momentarily and fast. The vacuum pump and auxiliary pipeline are composed of a vacuum pump, gas-water separator, gas-water separator filling water pipeline, control cabinet, connecting pipeline and instrument valve. Before starting the feed pump, the gas in the inlet pipe, feed pump and outlet pipe are extracted through the exhaust outlet of the water pump. The gas enters the vacuum pump firstly, then enters the gas-water separator under the action of the vacuum pump, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere. After the water diversion is completed, the feed pump can be started at any time. During the operation, start the vacuum pump when the vacuum degree is lower than the minimum value, and stop it after the vacuum degree is pumping to the highest value.

【Technical Parameters】

Model of mobile pump station Flow rate (m³/h) Head(m) Rotate speed(rpm) Model of slurry pump Model of vacuum pump
YB-50 12-111 7.7-110.7 700-1480 50ZJ-I 2BVA2060
YB-80 43-242 8-109.8 700-1480 80ZJ-I 2BVA2070
YB-100 56-360 8.2-100.2 700-1480 100ZJ-I 2BVA2070
YB-150 95-550 8.7-100.2 700-1480 150ZJ-I 2BVA2070
YB-200 199-978 13-133.7 490-980 200ZJ-I 2BVA5110
YB-250 276-1573 13.1-133.7 490-980 250ZJ-I 2BVA5110
YB-300 395-2333 9.7-79.9 400-590 300ZJ-I 2BVA5110

【Successful case】

Mobile Pump Station-case

In a tailing processing project in Uzbekistan, Xinhai adopted the mobile pump station for the pumping and backwater operation of tailing pond. The mobile pump station can automatically monitor the operation state of the equipment, automatically control the start and stop of the equipment, and move conveniently, and it also solved the series of problems. For example, start and stop by manual monitoring and control is laborious, the fixed pump stations are cumbersome and inflexible.

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