Flocculants System

Flocculants System

A stable and continuous flocculants powder feeding device in preparation of flocculants solution
【 Capacity 】:
Patent products, speed adjustment motor, and adjustable feeding volume


Applied for flocculant preparation of pulp thickening, sewage treatment and other industries with the features of one-time preparation and continuous supply.

With automatic control and the concentration prepared according to the flocculant type.

Secondary dilution can be carried out according to the capacity, which can save agents and reduce product costs.

Xinhai stainless steel material.

【Product Structure】

【Technical Parameters】



Agitation Power

Feed Power

Vibrator Power

Pump power

Flow Meter (L/h)

Flocculants Addition








0.4 ~4

【Successful case】

Flocculants System-case

In an iron processing plant in Shanxi, the sewage need to be deal with after iron concentrate processing, which need adding medicament continuously. After learned the details on Xinhai website, the customers purchased a set of automatic flocculant system. The flocculant system adopts the intelligent instrument that can control and operate automatically, saving manpower. The whole equipment operating system adopts three trough overflow solution system, making device structure simpler and volume smaller, which is easy to install. After the device processing, the indicators of sewage discharge meets the local requirements.

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