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What is the design principle of XCF Flotation cell?

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XCF air infltation flotation cell is frequently applied in flotation processing. It is always used combinable with KYF flotation cell. The unit concept (combining XCF and KYF) is come up with by Xinha. This unit improves flotation process efficiency largely and save more cost. This passage we will know the design principle of XCF flotation cell.

1, The design principle of XCF air inflation floatation cell

(1) The reasonable slurry circulation by impeller and moderate stirring force; the combined action of circulative slurry and pulp sucked from outside of tank disperses air. 

(2) Impeller suction capability improvement should not rely on increasing impeller speed, rather than seeking the best form of impeller.

(3) To avoid the additional air to cause adversely affect

(4) Stator matched with impeller changes rotary flow into radial flow, and is contribute to the formation of fine air bubble, lower energy consumption and self-suction pulp 

(5) Impeller-stator system dose not only can self-suck pulp, but also produces fluid dynamic state meeting the requirements of flotation kinetics 

(6) Appropriately increase the slot depth, and prolong the bubble rise distance to increase the impact opportunity of ore particles with bubbles. 

(7) Based on the good performance, flotation cell should own simple structure, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, and long service life of wearing parts.

(8) It is convenient to combine XCF floatation cell with normal floatation cells to develop the advantages of air inflation floatation cell.

Flotation machine (also called Flotation separator) is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal and ferrous metal and nonmetal, such as fluorite and talc.

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