The Guide of Ball Mill

2019.01.14  XinHai

A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind and blend materials before they are crushed. It is an important part of the ore beneficiation process. There are many types of ball mills. Grid Type Ball Mill and Overflow Ball Mill are generally used in the beneficiation process. The feed of grinding are ores or slurry with high water content, which will be transported to the next beneficiation stage after grinding. Ball mills are characterized by simple structure and large capacity. After 20 years of hard work, Xinhai Mining has researched and developed all kinds of new energy-saving grinding equipment according to the characteristics of the ore materials.

Ball mills are generally used for grinding stone materials such as coal, ore, and so on. In general, Most ball mills have two grinding methods: wet grinding and dry grinding. Ball mill have been widely used in gold ore, silver mines, iron ore such as hematite and magnetite, common copper-lead-zinc mine processing line and ferrous metal mines such as molybdenum, tin, manganese and chromium. In the beneficiation process of non-metallic minerals such as phosphorus, quartz and barite, it is more widely used because of its higher efficiency. According to the way in which the material after being pulverized is discharged, it can be subdivided into a grid and an overflow type. Among them, the wet ball mill is the main equipment for crushing materials in the mineral processing industry. Whether the material to be ground is wet or dry, the ball mill can easily ground it.

Ball mill structure

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In grinding methods,ball mills are generally divided into dry and wet types.

The basic structure of two is same, which consists of five parts: the feeding device, the supporting device, the rotating part, the unloading device and the transmission part.

The difference is that the design of the discharge port of the dry ball mill is straight, and there is a draft device for dust removal. While The discharge port of the wet ball mill is a built-in screw device which is trumpet-shaped for easy discharge.

However, the grinding effect of the wet ball mill is significantly better than that of dry ball mill. Wet mills generally have a productivity higher than 30% of dry mills. They have higher grinding fineness and better mineral processing effect. Therefore, most of the products sold on the market are wet ball mills.

Operation principle of ball mill

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The ball mill is composed of a horizontal cylinder, a hollow shaft for feeding and discharging, and a grinding head. When the ball mill is running, the motor drives the cylinder to make a rotary motion through the transmission component. The cylinder lifts steel balls to a certain height while rotating. Due to the different rotation speed of the cylinder, steel balls are plunged, thrown, and centrifuged inside the ball mill, steel balls are used to crush the ore. The continuous ore feeding to the ball mill reaches a pressure in the direction of the ore in the ball mill. Under the action of this pressure, ores are moved toward the ore discharging direction and finally discharged.


The inner side of the discharge end cap of the grid type ball mill is divided into 8 fan-shaped chambers by 8 radial ribs, a slab-shaped lining is embedded in the fan-shaped inner wall, and a lattice lining is installed on the fan-shaped outdoor side, and the polished pulp passes through the lining. The plate enters the sector chamber, flows into the hollow journal during the rotation of the sector chamber, and is finally discharged.


The discharge type of the overflow ball mill is non-mandatory, and the inner diameter of the hollow journal of the discharge end is larger than that of the ore end. During the grinding process, the slurry is inclined toward the discharge end, when the slurry level is higher than the discharge When the lowest busbar of the hollow journal is at the end, the slurry is discharged from the ball mill.


Introduction of ball mill capacity

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The ball mill capacity is the key to the profitability of the customer in the later stage. The ball mill capacity will be affected by various effects from the ball mill, which are mainly related to the following factors:

The quality of the ball mill itself;

Particle size and properties of the material processed by the ball mill;

Ball mill specifications;

Ball loading quantity‎, ball loading accuracy, ball loading frequency, ball loading ratio (weight percentage of various balls), type of ball loading, ball size;

Additional ball mill quantity, additional ball loading ratio, type of additional ball.

How to improve the ball mill processing capacity;

On the material, you should reduce the particle size of the material by adding a fine crusher in front of the ball mill, which is more convenient for the grinding of the ball mill.

On the equipment, you should scientifically increase the effective volume of the cylinder, change the grinding medium, and strengthen the ventilation of the equipment, thereby avoiding blockage and adhesion, and improving the grinding efficiency.

In the feeding, it should be carried out uniformly and continuously in the process of ball mill feeding, which can make the operation of the equipment more stable and the grinding efficiency is higher, thereby effectively improving the processing capacity of the ball mill.

Ball mill capacity of Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc.

Xinhai wet ball mill can meet the customer’s demand of 0.25 ton per hour – 2000 ton per day, and the finest grinding size of ores reaches 325 mesh. Xinhai dry ball mill processing capacity is less than 100 tons per day, minimum processing capacity is 0.5 tons per hour, and the finest grinding particle size reaches 400 mesh.

Ball mill specifications

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In order to meet the production and use requirements of different users, the ball mill is available in different specifications. Each specification has its corresponding scope of suitable and application area. The most common ore dressing ball mill specifications are Ф900×1800, Ф1200×4500, Ф1830×7000, Ф2200×6500, Ф3600×6000, Ф4500×6400, Ф5500×8500. So how do you choose a suitable ball mill specification? Mainly can be considered by the following aspects: user’s production requirements, the particle size of the material, the temperature and humidity, the production system during the grinding process, and so on.

Then the choice of ball mill specifications depends mainly on the production capacity it needs. The length and diameter of the ball mill are important factors influencing the ball mill’s production capacity. Ball mills of the same diameter, if the length increases, their productivity will also increase proportionally; The diameter of the ball mill directly determines the ball (or rod) bearing pressure of the material to be ground and the impact force of the steel ball falling. The larger the diameter, the greater the pressure and impact force of the grinding media by the grinding medium, and the higher the working efficiency of the ball mill.

Xinhai ball mill type

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Shandong xinhai mineral processing epc ball mill type include:

Relying on bearing rolling, both wet ore materials and dry ore materials are available. mainly used for grinding ore with coarser grain size, large discharge port,large production capacity, up to 160t / h,easy to start, energy saving 20-30%.

Slowly rotate by means of the transmission,Both wet ore materials and dry ore materials are available.Suitable for grinding ore with coarser grain size,Relying on the discharging grid to force ore slurry, Wear resistance and long service life, Low speed transmission is easy for starting and maintenance.

The motor is driven by the reducer and the peripheral large gear reduction drive or by the low speed synchronous motor directly through the peripheral large gear reduction drive to drive the cylinder to rotate.Suitable for fine and coarse grinding of ore in the first stage of grinding,Suitable for handling wet brittle materials,The processing capacity is 0.62~250t/h, the configuration is simple, the cost is low, and rapidly discharging ore sluryy.

Using static pressure bearing,Suitable for wet ore materials,Used for grinding fine ore fineness,The processing capacity is 0.17~170t/h,Slurry self-current discharge, Wear resistance and long service life, Low speed transmission is easy for starting and maintenance.

Relying on double row self-aligning rolling bearings,Suitable for wet ore materials,Grinding ore with finer fineness, Bigger discharge opening ,huge processing capacity, up to 160t / h, easy to start, energy saving 20-30%.

Ball mill design

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In order to meet different production needs, there are many models of ball mills. When purchasing a ball mill, it is necessary to design a suitable ball mill in combination with actual production requirements.

1.Confirm the mineral properties of the material. There are many kinds of materials in nature. The hardness, viscosity and humidity of each ore material are different. When the ball mill grinds the material, the production efficiency, productivity, etc. are different. When designing the ball mill, the reference of material is needed.

2.Identify specific production requirements. The production requirements of different projects are different. Some projects require high fineness. Some projects require the fineness of materials to be within a certain range. The model of the ball mill designed at this time is different. In addition, in some production lines, it may be necessary to choose a professional ball mill, such as an ore beneficiation production line. The ore beneficiation ball mill can guarantee the beneficiation quality more than the ordinary ball mill.

3.Depending on the amount of production, the ball mill diameter and length are designed to meet production needs. Different projects have different requirements on the capacity of the ball mill, so the diameter and length of the ball mill to be selected are also different. The diameter of the ball mill is different, so the load capacity of the ball mill is also different, so it needs to be designed in accordance with the requirements of actual production capacity.

4.Choose an energy-saving and consumption-reducing ball mill. The ball mill has a large volume, a heavy tonnage, and a slow start, so the energy consumption is large. However, with the continuous improvement of ball mill technology, energy-saving ball mills developed by ball mill manufacturers have been put on the market. It is recommended to choose this type of energy-saving ball mill to not only reduce production costs, but also to make the production process more environmentally friendly.

The design of the ball mill is very important. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service online for specific details.

Mineral ball mill

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The mineral ball mills are important equipments in mineral processing line. It is applied to the grinding process before classification and the ore are ground to a size suitable for beneficiation. The grinding media is steel ball. Good crushing effect, big size reduction ratio, easy to adjust the finished fineness, meet production needs. Easy and safe manipulation, steady running. Strong adaptability, adapting to all kinds of ore materials. Continuous production with big production capacity, meet the demand of modern large-scale industrial production. Good sealing, which can prevent dust explosion, reduce unnecessary waste and environmental impact.

Mineral ball mill can handle metal and non-metallic minerals such as gold, copper, chrome, hematite, magnetite, copper-lead-zinc(Cu-Pb-Zn), silver, antimony, nickel, manganese, tin, scheelite, wolframite, molybdenum, phosphate, graphite, barite, quartz sand, fluorite and feldspar.

Mineral ball mill can be divided into Energy Saving Ball MillGrid Type Ball MillRod Mill,and Overflow Type Ball Mill by type.

Xinhai is a leading supplier of mining equipment from China. Xinhai has 20 years of experience in ball mill manufacturing and its products are exported to more than 90 countries.

Ball mill price

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The price of the ball mill is of concern to everyone.

The key factors affecting the ball mill price are:

1. What material is processed by the ball mill. Different materials have different hardnesses and different requirements for grinding media, so the ball mill price will vary.

2. The capacity of ball mill processing. The capacity determines the number of ball mills and the degree of loss. The higher the capacity, the higher the price of the ball mill.

3. Stand-alone purchase or purchase of complete sets of equipment. If you buy the entire beneficiation line, the price of the ball mill will be lower.

4. The quality of the ball mill. The quality of the ball mill determines the price. The quality of the ball mill can also extend the service life.

5. The brand of ball mill. If the brand of the ball mill is a famous company, the price will be high, but the ball mill quality and service quality will be good, it will be very convenient after buying the ball mill.

Want to know the price of Xinhai ball mill? Please inquiry now.

Ore ball mill

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The ore ball mill plays a role in the beneficiation production line. First, because of its location, the position of the ball mill in the beneficiation line is located behind the crushing equipment, before the flotation machine or magnetic separator. Secondly, due to its role, after the ore is crushed by the crushing equipment, it must be further ground by the ball mill. After the particle size is qualified, it can be officially entered into the sorting process for the next beneficiation operation. It can be seen that if there is no ore ball mill, then The next beneficiation operation could not be carried out.

Energy saving ball mill

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Cylindrical energy saving grid ball mill is one of energy saving mills developed by Xinhai, which is easy to start and saves 20-30% energy. It is lined grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore and strengthens the grinding. In addition, the large ore outlet increases the capacity. The particle size of grinding product is coarse, so it is applied in first grinding.
Large double row self-aligning roller bearing with low friction force is used to replace sliding bearing, which is easy to start and saves 20-30% energy.
Cylindrical energy saving grid ball mill is lined grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore and strengthens the grinding.
Large ore outlet and large capacity.
The mill with diameter below 2.1 meters adopts whole machine frame, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation.
Oil mist lubrication device guarantees the lubrication of all gears.
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