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Characteristics introduction of the various components of vibration screen

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Vibrating screen is mainly driven by the vibrator, which makes the material loose, separation, sieving to complete the screening operation. Vibrating screen has various types divided by different working principle and structure, but the most important components are basically the same, such as vibrator, a screen box, a transmission device and a vibration device. Here we come to know the important parts.

1. Vibrator, is a core component of vibrating screen, mainly to provide dynamic vibration for vibration sieve. The market provides vibration vibrator, an eccentric shaft vibrator and pulley eccentric type vibrator. Pulley eccentric type vibrator is the most widely used, because it can make the vibration screen structured, and has the advantages of convenient manufacture and long service life.

2. Screen box is mainly composed of screen frame, screen surface and fastening device, used for screening materials. The screen frame is composed of side plates and beams. Side plates are made of 6~16mm steel plate. The connection type of these parts can be welding, bolting and riveted joint. The vibration load ability of riveted joint is strong, but the production process is more complicated; welding is simple and convenient, but more complex and large internal stress; bolt connection is reliable and suitable for field installation.

3. Transmission device generally adopts angle belt transmission device with simple structure and free choice speed. But when the device in operation the belt is easy to slip off; it also adopts direct drive shaft device, so that makes sure vibrator speed stable, but operator cannot adjust the vibrator speed.

4. Vibration isolation device generally is divided into 3 types spiral spring, plate spring and wear-resistant rubber spring. At present, the most successful application of wear-resistant rubber spring is Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Company.

To make the vibration screen normal and high speed operation, it is very important to select the components according to the ore dressing plant species and the amount of mineral.

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