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Working principle of Xinhai flocculants system and NC reagent feeder

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Flocculants system and NC reagent Feeder are used for feeding flocculants and reagents to thickener or floatation cells. The suitable volume and right kind of flocculants and reagents will bring excellent effect.

Flocculants System

1, How to handle the faults of automatic flocculants preparation system?

If automatic flocculants system meets faults, the control box would provide alarm, automatic manual switch, single stop or system stop according to different situations to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

2, Notes of the first operation of automatic flocculants preparation system

When using the flocculants reparation system for the first time, the three adding tanks should be filled with water 2/3 should be three plus kits water into the box, then the solid powder feeding device is open, adjust to a certain proportion, at the same time, water and solid powder, you should open the stirring motor and the reflux pump box, so that the liquid medicine three medicine dilute homogeneous.

NC Reagent Feeder

1, The NC Reagent Feeder how to work?

NC Reagent Feeder is a kind of accurate quantitative adding device capable with automatic remote control and regulation.  It can simultaneously control dosage of 8-32 reagent points; the dosage can be set according to needs from thousands milliliters per minute to a few milliliters per minute.

2, Does the NC Reagent feeder have the print function?

NC feeder has dosage statistics of year, month, date and print function, which can store the data of 21 shifts and 8-32 dosing channels, and real-time display and statistics

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