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Assistant instruments in mineral processing

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In mineral processing, there are so many assistant instruments except for main large mineral processing equipment, such aselectromagnetic iron removerelectronic belt scale, pipeline sampler, and so on. They play very important roles in the whole plant although they are not so big. It will guarantee fluent operation of the whole plant to pay more attentions to the tips of these assistant instruments.

Electromagnetic Iron Remover

1, The conditions should be considered when selecting iron remover

In the selection of iron remover, users must consider belt width, belt speed, inclination; properties, humidity, size and thickness of material; iron content, ferromagnetic particle size and nature; environment (temperature, humidity, dust, corrosion etc.); the installation position and size etc.

2, Using conditions of iron remover

(1)The altitude does not exceed 4000 meters;

(2)Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, not lower than -20 ℃;

(3)No danger of explosion and corrosive gas environment;

(4)The temperature keeps 25 ℃, and ambient relative humidity is not more than 90%;

(5)Available in indoor and outdoor

(Please contact us to select the suitable iron remover, our experts will give you profession advice)

Electronic Belt Scale

1, Environment requirement of installation of electric belt scale

(1) Belt scale should keep far away from the environment with wind, rain, and sun.

(2) Belt scale should be installed away from the vibration source, corrosive gas, strong magnetic field and large motor equipment interference places.

Pipeline Sampler

1, Warm tips of pipeline sampler

(1) The power of sampler should be equipped with ground wire

(2) When sampler starts, don't get close to grab hopper

(3) Sampler should be installed on flat surface

(4) Check the rotation direction of motor

2, The maintenance of pipeline sampler

(1) Routine check and maintenance

(2) Check the motor and couplings

(3) Rolling bearings need regular lubrication and to smear grease.

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