Mineral Dressing Test

Mineral Dressing Test

Did you Make Mine Test?

The result of mineral processing will be very different even if just 1% recovery rate difference.
So, it is very important to do well in mineral dressing test.

Most mine designs are finished on the basis of test report at an early stage.

The final result of mineral dressing test will be related to the investment cost and production cost directly.

Xinhai Mineral Dressing Research Room

What is Mineral Testing?

It is the source of mineral processing,

the navigation mark of mine design,

and the key of investment decision.

Through the crude ore properties determination, we can grasp the ore properties and types, determine the valuable elements that can be recycled, then explore ore dressing conditions, compared different ore beneficiation processes according to the test results. Meanwhile, taking energy-saving, water-saving, environmental protection and operating conditions into account, we determine the most suitable ore dressing method in order to obtain maximized recovery rate provide technical support for mine design and production.

Mineral Dressing Equipment

Why Do We Make Mineral Test?

Rich ores amount to nothing without a perfect ore dressing process, even if the grade is higher

1. It is the most important factor to determine mineral processing technology and investment cost budget, then avoid detours during the investment and reduce development risk.

2. It is the main technical index of the mineral processing plant. Even in the same mine, the oxidation degree of minerals is various, causing distinct processing conditions. So, customizing the most suitable ore dressing process is very important.

3. It is the primary basis of determining the rationalization of the plant, which helps you find the best balance among cost, index and economic benefit, reduce investment and production cost, obtain the maximum economic benefit.

4. It is the most direct scientific evidence of existing mineral processing plant upgrading, which solves many problems in original plant, such as low ore grade and recovery rate, high production cost, unreasonable equipment selection.

Every penny you spend on mineral dressing test will turn into the cost of earning

For example, a 1000tpd copper mine, 300 days of production per year, copper grade of raw ore (α) is 40 %, iron grade of concentrate (β) is 80 %. If the concentrate price is 4000 yuan/ton. When recovery rate rise 1% by mineral dressing test, economic benefits rise as follows:

  • (1) Increase of concentrate yield :
    △γ=α(ε2-ε1)/β= 40%×1%/85% = 0.47%
  • (2) Increase of annual income :
    1000tpd * 300 days/year * 0.47% x 4000 yuan/ton = 5640,000 yuan/year, i.e. 5.64 million per year.

That is, only needs a mineral dressing test to rise 1% recovery rate, the enterprise can earn 5.64 million per year! What if the recovery rate is higher? Or is your ore worth more?

Mineral dressing test saves you millions even billions of potential profit.

How to Make Mineral Dressing Test?

Test method decides the ore dressing process, test result decides the ore dressing result.

  • 01

    Preparing 50kg representative ore sample; some special ore samples need 200-1000kg;

  • 02

    Xinhai laboratory test the physical properties (ore structure, mineral, ore type) and chemical properties (ore elements, grade screening, ore density, ore relative grindability) and draw a series of related data, which provides the basis for subsequent mineral dressing test.

  • 03

    Through the preliminary test, Xinhai experimental personnel make sure the best process conditions after comparing different ore dressing processes, then carry out detailed tests by testing equipment (grinding fineness, agent test, opening and closed circuit test for each valuable mineral).

  • 04

    With the analysis of the valuable element and screening in valuable minerals, Xinhai obtains the analysis results of concentrate and tailings, as well as the recovery rate of valuable minerals.

  • 05

    Sedimentation test of concentrates and tailings, a reference for the subsequent ore dressing equipment selection;

  • 06

    Through the summarization of test data, Xinhai mineral testing laboratories provides the optimum ore dressing process and technological parameters, then prepares the detailed mineral dressing test report, which provides the basis for mine design and construction investment.

Classic Cases

From 1997 to 2018, Xinhai has been developing for more than 20 years. Depending on its excellent mineral processing power, rigorous service attitude, Xinhai has won the trust of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, its business has spread to over 30 countries and regions in the world.

Vietnam Kra 800tpd Graphite Ore Dressing Test

Commissioned by Vietnam customer, Xinhai undertook the beneficiability test research of this project. After the ore sample test, Xinhai mineral processing laboratory found that the graphite concentrate can be obtained by nine stage grinding-one roughing-one scavenging-ten cleaning, the graphite concentrate was 14.2%, the recovery rate reached 87.91%. According to the feasibility report, Xinhai proposed to adopt two stage closed-circuit crushing process, a closed-circuit grinding & classifying process, one roughing, one scavenging and ten cleaning process.

Vietnam Kra 800tpd Graphite Ore Dressing Plant Project

Mineral Dressing Test on Feldspar in Albania

This feldspar ore in Albania contained K2O of 4.37%, Na2O of 3.38%, Fe2O3 of 0.48%, SiO2 of 77.56% and Al2O3 of 12.13%. After comparing several processes, Xinhai founded that the feldspar ore can get the best recovery rate in acid fluorite-free flotation process. With the cleaning operation, the feldspar and quartz were separated by flotation process. Then, Through two roughing, two scavenging, two cleaning, middings return process, K2O+Na2O (feldspar concentrate) reached 12.73%, Fe2O3 reached 0.09%, the recovery rate of K2O was up to 56.32%, the recovery rate of Na2O reached 53.83%.

Mineral Dressing Test on Feldspar in Albania
case case

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Attach equal importance to both benefit and recovery!

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