Types of Agitator Tank

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Agitator tank is indispensable equipment in the froth flotation process. The agitator tank can suspend solid particles in the solution, accelerate the process of chemical reaction, heat transfer, mass transfer, mix and disperse two or more immiscible liquids to obtain a kind of mulsion, mix two or more immiscible liquids to obtain a homogeneous mixture and achieve gas-solution mixing.

According to the different applications, common agitator tanks can be divided into four types: slurry agitator tank, chemical agitator tank, storage agitator tank and lifting agitator tank.

1. Slurry Agitator Tank

The slurry agitator tank is a kind of agitation equipment that forces the slurry to circulate up and down in the tank. It is mainly used for slurry stirring before the operation of a single tank flotation machine, so that ore particle suspension is suspended and fully contacted and mixed with chemicals to create conditions for separation. In addition, the slurry agitator tank can also be used as pre-desiliconization tank, post-dissolution tank, dewatering tank and point tank in alumina production, as well as for similar operations in other industrial production.

agitator tank

◆ Working principle of slurry agitator tank:

The working principle of high-efficiency agitator tank is as follows: Under the rotation of blade impeller, the slurry is discharged from the lower end of the impeller in the axial direction and negative pressure is formed in the impeller chamber, so that the slurry flows into the impeller chamber from the impeller to be replenished. Meanwhile, under the diversion of a steady flow plate, the slurry forms a vertical circulating flow with the center downward and surroundings upward in the groove. When the upwelling speed of slurry is greater than the sedimentation speed of ore particles, the ore particles in the slurry will be in a suspended state and maintain a uniform concentration.

◆ Xinhai improvement on slurry agitator tank:

Xinhai high-efficiency agitator tank is equipped with an umbrella-shaped impeller, which applies downward pressure to the slurry, so that slurry can be circulated up and down along the draft tube, and the full mixture of slurry and chemical is achieved. In addition, enhanced agitation ability makes stronger chemical circulation ability possible.

◆ Advantages of Xinhai agitator tank:

1. The larger the impeller diameter and the higher the rotational speed, the stronger the agitation ability of slurry and chemical;

2. The enhanced agitation capacity improves chemical circulation ability;

3. There is a fluid guide in the agitator tank, and a large negative pressure is compressed into a limited space, which improves the suction capability as well as circulation ability of chemical and slurry;

4. The lower part of the fluid guiding body is equipped with a spraying body, and the circulation ability of slurry and chemical is further strengthened, which is beneficial to better flotation index.

2. Chemical Agitator Tank

The chemical agitator tank is a kind of agitator tank used for the preparation of flotation reagents and is mainly used for the preparation of various reagents in the froth flotation plant.

◆ Working principle of chemical agitator tank:

Xinhai chemical agitation tank adopts barrel shaped radiation circular spiral impeller for mixing operation by the mechanical stirring method. The motor drives the V-belt transmission device which drives the impeller. Reagents mix evenly under the uniform rotation of the impeller, preparing the mixture of the ore slurry and reagents for the next stage.

◆ Agitation method of the chemical agitator tank:

The agitation method of the chemical agitator tank mainly includes mechanical agitation, airflow agitation and jet agitation. For the agitation of the solid-liquid slurry, mechanical agitation or airflow-mechanical agitation method is usually adopted.

◆ Xinhai improvement on chemical agitator tank:

The cylinder is lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber to prevent the chemical agitator tank from the corrosion of reagents.

◆ Advantages of Xinhai chemical agitator tank:

1) Excellent wear-resistance, long service life, and strong agitation capability;

2) The strong mixed ability of liquid and reagents;

3) Strong agitation ability.

3. Storage Agitator Tank

Storage agitator tanks are used for pulp mixing and storage, not only for mineral processing plant, but also for other industrial production departments. When ferrous metal, nonferrous metal concentrate slurry and coal slurry are transported by pipelines, large storage agitator tanks are also required.

4. Lifting Agitator Tank

Lifting agitator tank has both agitating and lifting effects. The lifting height can reach 1.2 m. A lifting agitator tank can be used when the equipment configuration causes insufficient slurry self-flow height difference or if the difference is too small to use a slurry pump.

Agitator tank

Agitator tank is the abbreviation of mechanical agitation leaching tank, the above are the common agitation machine: slurry agitator tank, chemical agitator tank, storage agitator tank, lifting agitator tank. It is suggested to consult the professional agitator tank manufacturer before selecting the type of agitator tank.

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