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What Factors Shall be Considered When Choosing the Grinding Mill?

2020-02-18   XinHai    Views (1615)
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Grinding mill is the key mineral processing equipment for grinding materials after the crushing process. The mineral can be dissociated from the monomer through grinding, and the grinding fineness is one of the main factors affecting the mineral processing index. The cost of grinding mill accounts for a considerable proportion in the whole mineral processing flow. In addition to the price of grinding mill, what factors should be considered when choosing the grinding mill? How to choose the grinding equipment with high cost performance?

1. Ore property

It is necessary to make a detailed study on the grindability of ore in the mineral processing test stage. The hardness of ores is different due to their different properties, and their grinding processes are also different. Ores that are easy to be crushed, such as fluorite, tin, etc., are different from other ores. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the overgrinding problem when selecting the grinding mill. For example, the rod mill has a certain selective grinding effect, the product strength is less than uniform over crushing. Because the gravel mill does not use metal medium, the influence of iron impurities on rare metal dressing process is reduced. When the autogenous mill is used, the feasibility of ore self-grinding should be proved by the test of medium performance.

2. Particle size of product

Particle size of product is also one of the factors influencing the choice of ball mill. For example, the upper limit of product particle size of grid type ball mill is 0.2~0.3mm, mostly used for the first grinding stage. The product particle size of overflow type ball mill is generally less than 0.2mm, which is suitable for fine grinding operations.

grinding mill

3. Efficiency of grinding mill

When choosing the grinding mill, we not only need to consider the price of grinding equipment, but also take the efficiency of grinding equipment into consideration. If the selected equipment has low efficiency, it will inevitably increase the time cost and economic cost of the whole concentrator. If the grinding equipment adopts the good liner, the advantages of energy saving and noise reduction can be reflected, which can improve the grinding efficiency. In addition, the energy consumption of grinding mill accounts for 65%~75% of the total energy consumption of the whole concentrator. Energy saving, low consumption and high efficiency are always the top priority of grinding equipment operation in the concentrator. Therefore, the grinding equipment with high grinding efficiency should be selected.

4. Grinding mill manufacturers

If the grinding mill is purchased from the informal manufacturers, it will cause serious economic losses. Therefore, the mine owners are required to inspect the scale, strength and customer feedback of the grinding mill manufacturers to ensure the normality of the grinding mill manufacturers. If conditions permit, they can visit the production site. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the on-site installation service and after-sales service of the manufacturer, whether the manufacturer arranges professional technicians to guide the installation and debugging, and whether the manufacturer provides corresponding technical training.

the grinding equipment

In addition to the above factors, other factors should also be considered when choosing the grinding equipment. In general, the grinding equipment is an operation with high energy consumption, which directly affects the cost of the whole concentrator and the subsequent separation index. Only choosing appropriate grinding equipment can we obtain the maximized benefit and efficiency.

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