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Maintain and Overhaul Methods of the Ball Mills

2015-07-09   XinHai    Views (537)
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Ball mills are the most power consumption equipment in dressing plant, and the quality of the ball mills directly affects the productivity of the whole plant. Otherwise,  investment in ball mills also ranks first among the whole equipment, thus the wear and tear of the ball mills directly related to the operation cost of the plant. So to maintain and overhaul the ball mills constantly is of great importance, and proper and efficient maintain can improve the operation rate and life of the bail mills. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co,LTD.As a powerful company in China of producing ball mills, engineers of Xinhai have definite say about the methods of maintain and overhaul of the ball mills, some of their methods is presented as follows.

Firstly, Check the lubrication system. Lubrication system is a key part in the mining machinery to reduce the wear of the equipment including ball mills. Generally speaking, lubricating oil should be totally issued when the ball mills have operated for one month, and cleaning the ball mills thoroughly to change new oil. After that, the lubricating oil should be changed once half year. And once every four hours should check the lubrication and the oil level when the ball mills operating, moreover the temperature of the lubricating oil of the main bearing should not exceed to 55???

Secondly, Mind the operation of the ball mills to check any abnormal phenomenon such as unusual noises, strong vibration,or the leaking of oil, water and ore. Firstly, the large and small gears are the checking points, to check if they are smoothly transmission and make some adjustment when necessary, secondly, check the motor to ensure no fluctuation current existence. Thirdly, check the tight firmware to avoid loosing.

Thirdly, change the loss parts. The impacts and grinding power, produced in the grinding process of the ball mills, can grind the ore to fine and loss the ball mills themselves. The particles should be be changed timely when using the ball mills so as to avoid reducing the efficiency and destroy other parts.

Except daily repairs and overhauls, ball mills should be stop grinding regularly to find hidden defects and abnormal phenomenon, engineers from Xinhai suggests that the important parts such as hollow shafts, main bearings, cylinders, reducers and gear sizes should be carefully checked every month, and record the results particularly to provide basis for all kinds of conditions that may occur in the future. If find any defects and abnormal, engineers can make proper repairs and overhauls due to priorities.

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