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The classification and working principle of frame type automatic filter press

2015-01-06   XinHai    Views (2105)
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Frame type automatic filter press can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type. Basing on differences of the filter room structure, filter cloth installation, walking and discharging mode, frame filter press can be subdivided into several types. Frame type automatic filter press in China is usually produced by horizontal type, and vertical type is only the trial product, not mass production.

Now Xinhai introduces the details of the classification and work principle about filter press.

Each frame filter press has 6-44 filter press room separated by the 6-44 vertical plates. There are holes inside filter plate for discharging the filtrate and blowing, and filter rooms are lined with filter cloth. Each press cycle is divided into five stages:

 1. Locking stage of filter press

Hydraulic column of filter press makes cloth lift, and filter plates are sealed;

 2. Ore feeding and filtering stage

The feeding duct positioning upper part of the filter chamber distributes pulp to each filter chamber until the filter cake is full of pulp.

 3. Compression stage of filter press

Inlet compressed air to filter chamber, further eliminate residual moisture in filter cake;

 4. Filter cake unloading stage

The hydraulic column opens unloading gate at the bottom of all the filter chambers and put down the filter cloth to discharge filter cake.

 5. Filter cloth washing stage

When washing the filter cloth, hydraulic column makes filter cloth reset, and the filter plate and discharge gate is closed.   

Ore feeding concentration of filter press is 25%-70%. If it is necessary, filter press can even process concentration of only about 30% of flotation concentrate directly without concentration, and you will obtain concentrate containing 8% water. However, the filtering period will be extensive. Each compression can produce 4.5-5 tons of filter cake.

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