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Performance comparison of Xinhai series flotation machines

2014-12-30   XinHai    Views (1726)
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Flotation machine is one of the important equipment in mine processing, and its main purpose is to separate minerals by the equipment features. Because of too many types of flotation machine, it is not easy to judge the best kind of flotation cell for mineral processing. For example, the mechanical agitation type flotation machine is divided into inflatable and self-suction flotation machine. Due to the ore properties, reagents and operation, etc., we cannot make sure which flotation tank has higher separation index.

There are some comparisons provided by Xinhai as follow to help customers select the right flotation tanks

In structure, JJF flotation cell is the most complex; SF, BF, XCF is less complex than JJF; KYF flotation cell is the most simple.

In the air inflation/ air suction volume, JJF, SF, BF is self-suction flotation cell, and the air volume is 0.9-1.0m3/m2·min; KYF, XCF is air inflation flotation cell, and the air volume can be automatically adjusted basing on need. In addition, the max. air inflation volume of KYF flotation cell can reach 2. 0m3/m2·min with good dispersion.

In bubble dispersion and foam stability, Xinhai series flotation cells have good performance. JJF flotation cell owns dispersion cover which makes foam level more stable.

In power consumption, the larger volume of single tank, the lower power consumption for unit volume. JJF - 16m3 is1.9kW/m3, KYF-16m3 is 1.35kW/m3.

In equipment installation, JJF flotation cells need ladder installation and foam pump for returning mid ore; KYF, XCF need air-blower; but SF, BF don’t need them either, so these kinds of flotation cells are convenient for installation.

Xinhai series flotation cells are suitable for Non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and some non-metallic. If you don’t know how to select the suitable one, please contact with Xinhai Mining Machinery Company.

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