Xinhai aftersale service

Xinhai aftersale service


As the marketing demand is more and more diversified, the key point that decides the result of competition is after-sales service, especially the products’ quality and function are similar. Since its establishment, Xinhai has believed that, after-sales service is a part of the product, and it is the extension of product value, so Xinhai timely launched its after-sales service system in line with the industry requirements, which effectively ensures that all problems throughout the whole life cycle can be solved timely and effectively.


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Aftersale Services

Formal After-Sales System,

Solve all Your Problems

01 Online and Offline Communication

With the service purpose of "rapid response, smooth communication, accurate and efficient, reasonable and thoughtful", Xinhai customer information department will quickly contact the customer within 30 minutes after receiving the customer's demand, and understand the specific situation, roughly determine the source of the problem, then deliver the problem to the corresponding technical department.

02 Problem Confirmation

Combining with its own business, Xinhai builds the large technical team, which is divided into Mine Research Institute, Mine Design Institute, Mechanical Design Institute, Installation & Commissioning Service Centre. According to the problem situation conveyed by the customer information department, the corresponding department will find out the cause of the problem in terms of plant design report, equipment drawing and process flow.

03 Problem Analysis and Solution

Based on twenty years of mineral dressing experience and mineral processing knowledge, Xinhai technicians will check the common mineral processing problems one by one, and put forward the targeted solution. If necessary, Xinhai will arrange the relevant technical personnel to the project site for professional guidance, striving to minimize the customer’s loss.

01Mine Research Institute

  • Investigate and collect all kinds of experimental data related to the problem
  • Organize the relevant mineral processing experts and technical personnel to discuss and find out the various factors causing problems, and prioritize
  • Identify the main reasons, and formulate the solution, coordinate with the relevant departments to solve problems as soon as possible

02Mine Design Institute

  • Inform the corresponding department designer immediately according to the problem
  • Put forward the rectify opinions or clarify the design concept and its advantages to the customer
  • Listen to data, not just yes or no

03Mechanical Design Institute

  • Adjust the technical parameters of equipment according to the rectify opinions put forward by Mine Research Institute and Mine Design Institute
  • Confirm if the project equipment is corresponded with the technical requirements specified by Mechanical Design Institute
  • Summarize and sort out the equipment specification, the put it to the customer

04Installation& Commissioning Service Centre

  • Xinhai Quality Inspection Department determines whether it is a quality problem or not. If necessary, Installation& Commissioning Service Centre will dispatch professional service personnel.
  • If it is not the equipment problem, Installation & Commissioning Service Centre will confirm whether the customer strictly follows the operation and maintenance rules or not, such as Procedures for Operation and Maintenance of Mineral Processing Plant, Guides for Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Overhaul.

04 Regular tracking and feedback

Xinhai sets up a Project Department and allocates one-to-one project manager for each project, which not only provides professional whole-process management service, strictly controls the project progress and ensures project duration, but also solves the project problems in time, collects customer feedback and improvement opinions, which provides a better development direction for equipment research and design.

Eight Global After-sales Service Sites,

Make Service Within Your Reach

After-sales outlets

With the boost of "the Belt and Road Initiative", Xinhai ushered in the broad development opportunities, whose global strategy was accelerated gradually. Now, Xinhai has built its huge after-sale service site, Yantai headquarters and Beijing branch are main sites, while Sudan, Iran, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia these six overseas offices secondary. And its mineral processing EPC service has served more than 90 countries and regions in the world.The "localized efficient service" strategy, centering on the needs of local customers, provides 100% guarantee for Xinhai after-sales service. Our customers from local or neighbor countries can directly contact the nearest office if they have any problems, which can quickly solve their problems.


To Xinhai, the professional after-sales service not only needs to balance excellent professional knowledge and rich practical experience, but also needs to keep a high sense of responsibility for customers. Xinhai knows that professional and complete after-sales service is an important way to improve our development. In the future, Xinhai will continue to create high-quality mineral processing equipment and consistently provide customers with reliable mineral processing EPC service, so as to achieve the win-win development.

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